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An environmental consulting company specializing in the Underground Storage Tank (UST) Designated Operator Program.

Designated Operator PLUS Program

Title 23 of the California Code of Regulations requires all UST Owners to have a UST Designated Operator for their facility. Monthly, The Designated Operator is required to:

  • Review alarm log and check that each alarm condition was responded to appropriately
  • Inspect spill containers, Under-Dispenser Containment (UDC), and Fill/STP containment sumps, to verify that that the monitoring probes are properly located
  • Verify that all required testing and maintenance has been completed and document the dates these activities occurred
  • Provide site-specific training that includes the operation of the UST system in a manner that is consistent with “Best Management Practices”


  • Review your UST & Hazardous Waste Binders
  • Review your required Permits & Licenses
  • Review your Air Quality Binder & Program
  • Assist you in maintaining your compliance records
  • Provide a monthly Corrective Action Plan to ensure compliance with environmental regulations
  • Communicate with regulatory agency staff on your behalf
  • Provide consulting in new and pending regulations

We perform these PLUS service items at no additional charge. Our focus is providing the owner/operator with a comprehensive compliance program. Our DO PLUS Program achieves this goal.


In addition to our DO PLUS Program, we offer the following:

Need help with your responsibility of maintaining a safe working environment? The Compliance Guys offer comprehensive Training & Safety Meetings. Is your facility consistently being fined by the agencies? Do you want your records better organized?


We serve all major and independent brands in the service station industry.  We also serve non-retail facilities such as fleets, airports, bulk plants, and municipalities.





Shell Gas

76 Gas

Exxon Mobile


  • “The Compliance Guys are experts in interpreting Environmental Regulations.  They’ve kept my station in good standing with the County Inspectors.  Since I hired them I’ve had zero violations.  They have a well respected name in the regulatory community.”

    BEN DASHTI – San Juan Chevron
  • We have used The Compliance Guys as our Designated Operators and are very happy with their service. They are very knowledgeable and their monthly visits keep us current with all the regulations. I no longer have to manage my compliance program – the Compliance Guys take care of everything.

    MICHAEL MORIARTY –  Mustang Oil
  • “When The Compliance Guys thank us for our business — I always think I should be thanking them!!! They are the best. When SCAQMD inspected our site they found nothing wrong and complimented me on our well organized permits and maintenance logs. I’ll confess — I took the praise, but it really belongs to you!! I can’t thank you enough for taking the stress out of my job.”

    PATRICIA SWERER – Carson Chevron
  • “Hiring The Compliance Guys was the best business decision I’ve made.”

    DAVE CARNEY – Hillside Chevron

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